Stage de danse Bollywood a Herouville

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Saturday 28 February 2015 from 16h00 to 18h00

MJC Hérouville St Clair

Pôle Animation et Jeunesse, 1035 Belles Portes

Duration : 2 hours

Rates : 30 euros


Moderator : Loredana

Phone: 07 81 02 85 56


Facebook: Facebook orange small

Bollywood dance is the fusion of several Indian dances, Indian classical dance (Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Odissi), folk dances (bhangra, garba, dandiya, Rajasthan dances) and Western dances (salsa, hip-hop , jazz, disco, break dance, bellydance).

Bollywood dances often describe love intrigues. The choreographies express the beautiful music as well as the lyrics of the song.

Bollywood dance's appeal relies on one side on the glamor costumes, jewelry, hairstyles and make-up and on the other hand on the energy, the grace of the movement and expressiveness for more attractiveness.

This is a very rhythmic dance, which use a lot of body parts, from feet to the eyes, making one's body speak. It is also a highly choreographed dance, with armwork and footwork, body postures, specific hand gestures (mudra), neck movements and head movements, facial expressions. It teaches you the skill, the grace and the expressiveness, while acting on the tonicity of your body.

It is also a theater-dance that tells through gestures, facial expressions and movements a love story, a scene of life, the representation of the life of a god.

Bollywood dance is a dance therapy: beautiful music, body control, creativity have a positive effect on the mind.

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